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FIVEFU Technology is a professional manufacturer of emergency vehicle products and support illumination and signaling solution, located in Ningbo, China.

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    Fivefu Serve for a Wide Range of Vehicle Industries

    Fivefu excels in the automotive safety sector with its versatile vehicle warning light solutions, catering to a wide range of vehicle types. These warning lights are tailored for specific vehicle categories, including cars, heavy-duty trailers, and work/utility trucks, each with unique requirements.

    Popular Lighting Series

    Fivefu specializes in the production of LED strobe warning lights, LED beacons, Forklift Strobe Light, LED Strobe Lightbar, and LED Lighthead. Our products can be applied to all kinds of emergency vehicles: police cars, buses, trucks, fire trucks, forklifts, agriculture, ambulance and etc.

    Who Are We

    Led Vehicle Safety Lights Manufacturer

    Your Trusted Partner for Vehicles Safety Flashing Lights Solution.

    Founded in 2013, FIVEFU Technology has becoming super fast growing company in the industry. Having good distributors in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and trying find more good partners to take part in .

    FIVEFU Technology is a professional manufacturer of emergency vehicle products and support illumination and signaling solution, located in Ningbo, China. FIVEFU Technology has rich experience and excellent team that support innovative ,top quality and reliable products , fully comply with and exceed international standard, like SAE, ECE R65 and R10.

    Delivering Efficiency for You!

    Delivering Efficiency at Lightning Speed to Enhance Your Experience. A solid warranty for all our products, swift and dependable service for replacements, all delivered with the utmost respect and consideration for you, our valued customer.

    OEM&ODM Solutions

    Fivefu excels in providing tailor-made solutions in the realm of automotive safety, with a particular focus on OEM and ODM services for warning lights.

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    Fivefu with its bespoke OEM & ODM solutions for warning lights, perfectly aligning with the diverse and specific needs of its clientele. Our Custom Solution include follow items:

    • Different Voltages(12V/20V)
    • Flash Pattern(SYNC/ ASYNCH)
    • Color(Amber, White, Blue, and Red)
    • Shape
    • Material
    • Logo

    Customized Process

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    Inspection & Certification
    Mass Production

    Why choose us?

    Quick Action

    Understanding the critical nature of safety equipment, we ensures swift and decisive actions to meet client needs, enhancing reliability and trust in its services.

    Lightning Delivery

    Time is of the essence in safety scenarios, and Fivefu excels with its lightning-fast delivery commitments.

    1 to 3 Years Warranty

    Demonstrating confidence in product quality, we offers a robust warranty period of 1 to 3 years.

    Low MQQ

    Our low MOQ policy enables even small-scale enterprises to access top-quality warning lights.

    Rapid Production

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes allow for rapid production without compromising on quality.


    Our bespoke Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services provide tailored solutions.

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    Fivefu focuses on the global construction market and provides our clients with products suitable for the local market:

    • Comprehensive brochure you can download
    • Fast Respond Or Enthusiasm
    • 1-3 Year Quality Assurance
    • Rapid Production
    • Lightning Delivery
    • OEM&ODM
    • Low MQQ



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    Fivefu’s commitment to customers and providing innovative solutions will never change. We will be your long-term partner on the way forward!