Top 5 Led lightbar Supplier

China Light Bar Supply Factory-Fivefu

The Fivefu in China represents a notable example of excellence in the production of LED lightbars, setting high standards in quality assurance, demonstrating profound expertise, and offering exceptional customer support.

  • Quality Assurance:

Rigorous Quality Standards: Fivefu’s commitment to quality is evident in their rigorous testing and quality control procedures. Each LED lightbar undergoes thorough inspection to ensure it meets both national and international standards.

Certification and Compliance: Adhering to various certifications such as ISO, CE, and RoHS, Fivefu’s LED lightbars guarantee compliance with safety, environmental, and quality norms, reinforcing their reliability in the global market.

Innovative Manufacturing Techniques: Utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Fivefu ensures that their LED lightbars are not only functionally superior but also durable and efficient.

  •  Expertise:

Advanced Design and Engineering: Fivefu showcases its expertise through innovative design and engineering. Their LED lightbars are known for their efficiency, brightness, and longevity, reflecting the company’s deep understanding of LED technology.

Customization Capabilities: Acknowledging the diverse needs of their clients, Fivefu excels in customizing LED lightbars to suit various applications, whether it’s for vehicles, industrial use, or emergency services.

Ongoing Research and Development: Fivefu’s commitment to staying at the forefront of LED technology is evident in their continuous investment in research and development, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative.

  • Customer Support: 

Comprehensive Service Approach: Fivefu places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, offering comprehensive services from initial inquiry to post-sale support. This approach ensures a seamless and satisfactory customer experience.

Global Reach and Efficient Distribution: With a robust distribution network, Fivefu ensures efficient and prompt delivery of LED lightbars worldwide, showcasing their capability in handling global logistics.

Multilingual and Culturally Aware Team: Understanding the importance of effective communication in international business, Fivefu’s team is equipped to engage with a global clientele, overcoming language and cultural barriers.

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Led Lightbars Australia Supplier


Narva offers a diverse range of automotive lighting solutions, including LED light bars. They are known for their high-quality construction and performance, catering to various vehicles and lighting requirements.

Led Lightbars UK Supplier

LAP Electrical:

This company is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of automotive electro-mechanical products, including an extensive range of LED lightbars. Their TITAN range of UK manufactured lightbars provides the latest LED technology, suitable for a wide variety of vehicles and applications. They offer custom lightbar combinations in various LED/lens colors, lengths, and additional features like hazard lights and stop/tail/indicator lights.

Led Lightbars USA Supplier

Cree, Inc.:

Known for providing lighting-class LEDs, Cree, Inc. offers a wide range of products including blue and green LED chip products for various applications such as video screens, automotive backlights, and headlamps. Their products are recognized for versatility and international reach.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. :

Vishay offers a broad range of individual LEDs in various SMD and leaded packages. They are known for their small package sizes, which include the 0402 series, catering to a wide array of product applications.

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