What is led stealth visor light?

What is led stealth visor light

The LED Stealth Visor Light is a specialized lighting system designed for emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and other first-responder transportation. These lights are typically mounted inside the vehicle, near the visor, which provides a discreet and unobtrusive appearance when not in use. This stealthy nature makes them particularly suitable for undercover or unmarked police vehicles.

Led stealth visor light vs Led visor light

When comparing LED Stealth Visor Lights and standard LED Visor Lights, the primary differences lie in their design, positioning, and intended use, particularly for emergency vehicles. As their name suggests, LED Stealth Visor Lights are designed to be less noticeable when not in use. This makes them ideal for undercover or unmarked police vehicles where discretion is key.

Led stealth visor lights are often designed to fit snugly against the interior of the vehicle’s windshield, at or near the visor level, thereby maintaining a low profile.

Led stealth visor light Features

Durability and Reliability: Led stealth visor lights are made with strong, scratch-resistant, and shatterproof polycarbonate chambers and lenses. This ensures longevity and consistent performance in various conditions.

High-Performance LEDs: Led stealth visor lights use Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs, offering powerful illumination. The Stealth 3 model, for instance, has a total of 30 LEDs, delivering 90 Watts of LED light.

Customizable Flash Patterns and Colors: These visor lights come with multiple flash patterns and color options. The LED Stealth 3 Visor Light, for example, offers 26 flash patterns with pattern memory. Color choices include solid colors as well as combinations like red/white, blue/white, amber/white, etc.

Ease of Installation and Use: Led stealth visor lights are sold with mounting equipment, including universal visor mount brackets and suction cups, making them easy to install. A digital LED Controller is built into the units for easy operation.

Standards Compliance: Led stealth visor lights meet or exceed various industry standards, including SAE J845 & J595 standards, and California Title 13 requirements.

Applications: Led stealth visor lights are used by law enforcement, emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and in heavy-duty vehicles like construction, tow truck, snow plow, and utility vehicle truck lighting.

Led stealth visor light Type

  • stealth 3 tir led visor light bar

This model includes two separate units, each with five chambers containing three Generation IV 3-Watt bulbs, resulting in a total of 90 Watts of LED light. The light bar is designed for stealth, being almost invisible when not in use, making it ideal for undercover police vehicles. Key features include a digital LED Controller for easy operation, 26 flash patterns, and optional takedown lights. It’s specifically designed for interior use and can be hardwired to existing emergency light systems.

  • stealth 4 linear led visor light bar

Details about this specific model are less explicit in the sources provided. However, considering the naming convention and the product range of Extreme Tactical Dynamics, the Stealth 4 is likely a step up from the Stealth 3, potentially offering more LED modules or enhanced features. It might include similar characteristics such as multiple flash patterns, high-intensity LEDs, and easy installation and operation features. For specific details, it would be best to refer to the product specifications on the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer service.

  • stealth 6 linear led visor light bar

Like the Stealth 4, specific information about the Stealth 6 model wasn’t directly available in the sources. However, following the pattern, the Stealth 6 is likely an advanced version in this series, possibly offering more LEDs for increased visibility and effectiveness. It could also feature enhancements in flash patterns, brightness, and operational versatility. Again, for precise details and specifications, the manufacturer’s website or customer support would be the best source of information.

How to install led stealth visor light?

Installing an LED stealth visor light typically involves a few key steps. While the exact installation process can vary depending on the model and the vehicle, here’s a general guide to help you:

Read the Manual: Always start by reading the manufacturer’s installation guide. This will provide specific instructions for your particular model, including any unique steps or precautions.

Choosing the Location: Decide where on the visor you want to install the light. The typical location is towards the center of the windshield, near the rearview mirror, to ensure optimal visibility and light distribution.

Mounting the Light: Most stealth visor lights come with mounting brackets or clips. Attach these to the chosen location, ensuring they are secure and stable. Some models use suction cups for mounting, while others might require screws or adhesive strips.

Wiring the Light: If the light bar is designed to plug into a cigarette lighter, this step is as simple as plugging it in. If it requires hard wiring, you may need to connect the wires to the vehicle’s electrical system. This often involves routing the power cable to the fuse box or directly connecting to the battery. It’s crucial to ensure that all wiring is done safely and according to the vehicle’s electrical guidelines.

Securing the Wires: To avoid any loose or dangling wires, use cable ties or adhesive clips to secure the wiring along the edge of the windshield or dashboard, ensuring it does not obstruct your view or interfere with vehicle controls.

Testing the Light: Once installed, test the light to ensure it is working correctly. Check all the different flash patterns and lighting modes to ensure full functionality.

Adjustments: Make any necessary adjustments to the position or angle of the light for optimal visibility.

Safety Check: Finally, do a safety check to ensure that the light and its wiring do not interfere with the vehicle’s safe operation, especially the airbags.

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